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West Michigan Shed & Barn is a sister company to Chandonnet Builders, LLC formed by owner/operator Mark Chandonnet. We specialize in custom-built sheds, garages, and pole barns of all styles, shapes, and sizes.

Our custom built sheds are built on site using top grade materials like 2x4's at 16" on center. Many "kit" sheds purchased from big box stores are only 2x3 or less spaced at 24" on center or less. We believe in quality built structures designed to last. What's surprising to most people is that the costs of our sheds are very comparable to "kit" sheds.

Many people today are strapped for space in an existing one or two stall garage. We also specialize in garages, weather it be adding a stall on an existing garage, or building a new garage all together. We build any kind of garage both attached and unattached, in every style and size to suit your needs.

We also offer an endless variety of large-scale post frame buildings. Pole barns are great for someone who needs lots of space. Post frame buildings provide a tremendous cost savings, compared to conventional construction of a large building. When many people hear "pole barn" they think of a huge metal box. Pole barns can be built to look like whatever a person can dream up!

At West Michigan Shed & Barn we can help you design and build a shed, garage, or pole barn, in any style, shape, and size, with any detail you can possibly imagine!
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