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UniShield vinyl replacement windows from Universal Windows Direct offer our customers an exceptional value and unparalleled quality in replacement windows. UniShield windows come in a variety of color and glass design combinations, allowing you to get that look "just right" for your home.

Among the features of the UniShield windows are:
• Cam-style locks that create both security and efficiency.
• 7/8th-inch insulated glass that both reduces noise and increases energy efficiency.
• Welded frames and sashes for superior strength.
•Over and under Interlocking at the meeting rails for better weatherproofing.
• Extended lift rails for ease of use and dependability.
• Sash limit locks can help you set a maximum height for window opening, helping with airflow and security.
• True Position balance keeps the windows secure and dependable.
• Recessed tilt latches give a clean, complete look to the window.
• Slim-line design increases your window area and is aesthetically pleasing.
• Tilt-in sashes make for easy cleaning.

Here's what you'll find in all UniShield insulated glass units:
• Either two or three panes of glass.
• Patented treated steel U-shaped spacer or high performance non-metal Super Spacer.
• Low-E "Stacked" (Multiple Layer Coating) Permits only certain light waves to pass through for energy savings. Unlike most hard-coat glass, Low-E "Stacked" has virtually no tint or haze.
• Argon or optional krypton gas filling to better insulate low-E "stacked" units.
• Sealant (bonds the glass to spacer) or a double sealed unit with high performance Super Spacer.

During winter, the inner pane of glass stays warmer to the touch. During summer, it stays cooler. This means energy savings whether heating or cooling, and less condensation too!

Environmental Green®
Keep Some Green in your pocket!
Buy energy-saving windows insulated with ENVIRONMENTAL GREEN™

Not all vinyl-framed windows are created equal. Some are insulated; some are not. Your energy dollars could be leaking out of your window frames if they are not filled with ENVIRONMENTAL GREEN™ polyurethane foam - the same type of foam that insulates your refrigerator and thermos .Our window frames insulated with ENVIRONMENTAL GREEN™ foam give you:
• Increased energy savings
• Improved condensation resistance.
• Increased home value.
• Does not deplete the ozone layer or contribute to global warming.

ENVIRONMENTAL GREEN™ foam-filled frames can increase window R-values up to 12% saving you hundreds of dollars in energy costs over the life of the window.

Maximize your window energy efficiency. Insist on ENVIRONMENTAL GREEN™ polyurethane foam-filled frames.

All of these features combine to make UniShield replacement windows the smart choice for your home. Additionally, we have three lines of UniShield product: UniShield UniShield Plus, and UniShield Supreme, all with excellent but varying levels of heat control and efficiency. Contact us to learn more about UniShield Windows today.

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