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In addition to our construction and remodeling services that we provide, Mark is also a licensed Realtor with FiveStar Realty Leaders in Muskegon, serving all of West MI with all aspects of real estate. With over fifteen years of experience in the construction and remodeling industry, Mark can offer a very unique perspective to real estate transactions. What sets Mark apart from other Realtors is, because of his experience, it is very easy to spot repairs that may be required, potential safety hazards, as well as cost quoting any desired improvements one might want to make to a home or building. Mark has also gained a vast knowledge of many markets and the fluctuations in their values making it very easy to offer a reliable market analysis of a property. Mark has been in and around real estate and has a great understanding of how these transactions take place. While we look forward to continue serving the community with our construction services, I also would be glad to help my clients, or anyone they know, with all of their real estate needs.
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